Skills in Pills

Album: Skills in Pills

Artist: Lindemann

Release Date: June 19, 2015

Genre: Industrial Metal


This album is from Rammstein frontman and all around weird dude Till Lindemann. I am personally a big fan of Rammstein and this album did not disappoint when I found it. Skills in Pills is a fun album, every song is catchy and near addicting to listen to. It is a nonstop thrill ride of really disgusting lyrics that you should not sing aloud. Lindemann sings most of the album in English which is very interesting and refreshing to hear if you were on a Rammstein binge prior. Though overall he sounds just like he does in Rammstein, which is not a bad thing in the slightest. Though now I should mention the lyrical content. For this I have to go song by song, just to get the full scope:

Skills in Pills: Using pills such as ecstasy

Ladyboy: The “sissy boy” kink/fetish

Fat: the fat/overweight fetish

Fish on: Using fishing metaphors to describe loads of sex

Children of the Sun: Still no clue, about young angels or probably pedophilia

Home Sweet Home: About a parasite/tumor

Cowboy: An old man reminiscing on how he wanted to be a cowboy

Golden Shower: Urophilia

Yukon: The American Gold Rush

Praise Abort: A father who starts to wish he aborted his kids

That’s my Heart: A stalker-love song

As is evident, a very wide range of topics is covered in this album. The only two slow songs are Home Sweet Home and That’s my Heart. So for this album, you will be headbanging to all of that. Speaking of headbanging, the guitar work is fantastic here. Sure, it’s nothing complex, but it is fun. The guitar is reminiscent of Rammstein but more liberties are taken. The synth is very good, and I am not typically a fan of synths in metal. To be honest, I have had this album on repeat for days now. I fully recommend this for fans of industrial or anyone looking for something catchy and slightly different.

Rating: 8.5/10SkillsinPills


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