Anomalous Leaf

Band/Artist: Anomalous Leaf

Album: Ellipsis

Genre: Electro-Acoustic Ambient Space Rock (from website)

The Good: I normally don’t listen to ambient music. I’m all about dreamy, distorted stuff, but I’ve always liked a vocalist. However, this album doesn’t need one. A vocalist may even detract from the amazing guitar work. Most bands that call their music dreamy or spacy just means that they added an absolute unit of distortion. Not with this album. Listen to this album on your bed nice and warm and you will feel like you are in space. Without the dying and floating off eternally, of course. The music feels full, there is never an empty part, even during the silences. This album has it’s fast moments but it always relaxes. Not as fast as Astronoid but that wouldn’t work here. Anomalous Leaf wishes to show you the calm beauty of the electric guitar, and he does just that. This album is built from scratch by one man, in his own studio and everything. It sounds like it was produced with a whole team of professionals. This album is polished to perfection. I normally don’t like polishing but here it fits. Overall, this album takes everything I either don’t like or don’t have an opinion of and makes me love it.

The Bad: Don’t listen to this in the car, makes you space out. Also this is the type of album while the whole album is fantastic, some songs fail to stand out on their own.

Favorite song: Ring Road (Early version)

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Where you can find it: Album is for purchase on amazon and is also on Spotify


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