Astronoid is a band from New England formed in 2012. They have been classified as a ‘dream thrash’ band. They combine elements from shoegaze, black metal, rock, punk, and dream pop.

The album I will be reviewing is their first full album, Air, released in 2016. The cover itself reflects the whole feel of this album. It is light, airy and dreamy. The use of light colors and elegant brushstrokes accent the tone of this album.

This album fully deserves the title of dream thrash. The guitars are fast and heavy, yet they retain their dreamlike quality. The guitars throughout every song are varied, making each song unique. You can headbang to these song or just float along in the deep blue ocean that is this album.

The vocalist fits perfectly with this album. I will not say that he is the best vocalist or that he has an insane vocal range, but rather, he fits. Any other vocalist would not tie this album together like he does. His use of effects adds perfectly to the album without being overwhelming. You can still hear his actual voice and can tell that he is a very good singer. In this album, he does not growl or scream as he did in previous songs and EPs. However, as much as I love screams and growls, I’m glad he did not. The jarring nature of screams and growls would never fit, they would feel forced and out of place.

The Bad

The lyrics are rather simple, which for some can be a good thing. However, at some points it did feel lazy. Common lyrical themes are about love, general spaciness, and atoms.

Favourite song: Up and Atom and Tin Foil Hats

Least Favourite song: Resin

Overall Score: 8/10


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